December 11-13, 2018


Optimizing the Clinical Translation of TIL and Endogenous T Cells to Improve the Efficacy of Adoptive Cell Therapies in Solid Tumor Indications

There is a huge opportunity to create a potent, efficacious and cost-effective immunotherapy to tackle the burden of curing solid tumors malignancies. As CAR-T and other cell immunotherapies fail to deliver on their promise of efficacy in solid tumors, the field seeks to find an innovative immunotherapy that can conquer the challenge of overcoming the tumor microenvironment.

TILs and CTL therapies show great potential having been utilized in melanoma with efficacious results.  However, there are still lots of hurdles to overcome in order for this type of adoptive cell therapy to gain approval.

The Tumor Targeted Lymphocyte Summit is your opportunity to:

Join the expert KOLs (key opinion leaders) in this space to discuss strategies to improve the laborious manufacturing processes to streamline and optimize the expansion of specific, tumor-reactive cell populations.

Identify which biomarkers are best to determine the quality of T cells to tailor cell expansion and predict patient response

Learn about the novel genetic engineering and combination strategies which are being carried out to enhance the efficacy of TIL and CTL therapies

Gain a clear understanding of the current clinical landscape and translational updates so you can make strategic decisions for the future of your TIL or CTL pipeline

Attend this meeting to network with the TIL and CTL community, identify yourself as a thought leader and learn the best strategies to optimize the clinical translation of your adoptive immunotherapy pipeline. Register today!