December 11-13, 2018


Optimizing the Clinical Translation of TIL and Endogenous T Cells to Improve the Efficacy of Adoptive Cell Therapies in Solid Tumor Indications

The Tumor Targeted Lymphocyte Summit is the first, dedicated meeting that unites the expert community working in TIL and CTL therapies to network, learn and determine strategies to enhance the efficacy of this adoptive cell therapy in solid tumors.

As CAR-T fails in the fight to deliver efficacy in solid tumors, the field is desperately exploring alternative adoptive cell therapies which are strong enough to rise to the challenge. TILs and CTLs have successfully been utilized in melanoma and now with patient demand growing, TIL-based therapies are fast becoming a more attractive approach to solid tumors.

Learn from the leading drug developers, clinicians and academic experts to improve your understanding of:

  • The current clinical and translational landscape to improve upon your clinical pipeline design
  • Methods to streamline the manufacture of TIL and CTL therapies to reduce cost and time expenditure
  • Novel biomarkers to help select a specific, tumor-reactive, cell population and predict patient response
  • Innovative strategies to genetically engineer TIL and CTL cells to enhance cell function
  • The potential benefits and clinical outcomes of reduced IL-2 and preconditioning therapy

Join the Tumor Targeted Lymphocyte community in Boston this December 2018 to gain unique and novel insights into methods to optimize the clinical translation of your TIL or CTL-based drug development. Register today!

 “This meeting gathered all experts in the field to share ideas and data. It was quite an eye opener. I feel I came home with excitement and a brand new mind towards my work in the field.” Past CVI Summit Attendee, Pfizer

“I can’t speak highly enough about this conference. This conference allowed me to keep informed of the latest research and development on T cell therapies. I was also able to network with some of the leaders in T cell immunotherapies from both academia and the industry.” Past CVI Summit Attendee, MSKCC